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Only the best garage door repair tips are found here. A summary of the facts that you need.

Carefully read your garage door’s manual

This is the first thing you should do when you get your garage door. Knowing your manual can help save your life as well as the life of your garage door and by extension your money as this will help you operate your garage door safely thus keep your garage door working efficiently.

Do not place fingers in between door sections

Garage Door Repair Houston strongly suggests homeowners to keep their hands from the door sections especially when opening and closing the garage door. When this happens, pinching occurs and it hurts a lot. It is a basic safety rule not to touch highly active spots of a garage door, and this must be communicated to the children as well.

Automatic garage door opener is an expert’s business

Sometimes, with an eagerness to save a good sum of money, people tend to cause further damage to their garage doors instead of addressing the cause of malfunction. Keep in mind that there are certain parts of some units that are not appropriate to tamper with. One of them is the automatic garage door opener that requires the expertise of a pro.

Maintain garage doors often

The official recommendation is to maintain garage door systems once or twice every year. Though, if you use your garage door every single day, it's best to check it more often. Test the sensors, tighten the nuts and bolts, check that the door opens and closes properly.

Stay out of the way of a moving garage door

Our experts warn that a garage door is typically a heavy slab of wood or metal and can cause minor to major injuries if you find yourself in its way. When you pull down overhead garage doors, push swinging garage doors, or operate automatic ones, never stay in its way to ensure your safety.

Importance of regular visual inspection

Make it a point to conduct a regular visual inspection of your door. Check the garage door cable, tracks, rollers, hinges, and other moving door parts. Look for signs of wear and tear. If you detect any, have a qualified person deal with it immediately.

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