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Make sure that your questions are answered. Here are some garage door repair FAQs.

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I need a survey in my garage before I choose a door, how much should I expect to pay?

Generally, surveys for installation are free. There is no obligation that comes along with it. A quick phone call is all you need to do and you can expect the experts at Garage Door Repair Houston to do the survey for you, with no extra costs at all. The best part is that you can also expect to receive some recommendations directly from the experts!

If I decide to replace my garage door, what will happen to the old one?

There are two options that you can select from. Either you dispose of it yourself, or you allow the technicians who installed the new door for you do the disposing. Either way, the services are generally free and included in the overall service provided upon installation of a new garage door.

What is the right way to paint a garage door?

It is better to follow the manufacturer's instruction on painting garage doors. An acrylic latex paint is recommended by garage door repair experts. Start off by washing the door exterior with a diluted soap solution and let the door dry out completely. Apply a coat of deglosser gently on the door and let it dry fully and then paint the exterior. Do not use oil-based paints although they are easily available everywhere.

Why do rollers need ball bearings?

Ball bearings are important for the quiet movement of the garage door rollers. Getting stainless steel or zinc plated rollers is necessary because they do not corrode and they are very strong for the heavy duty mechanisms. Ball bearings will just make sure that the rollers will last longer and be far more silent.

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